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Sweet Martabak Recipe - Resep Martabak Manis Menggunakan Happy Call

Martabak manis is one of Indonesian favorite culinary. We can find it in almost every place in Indonesia, especially in big cities. Basically it has similarities with pancake; using flour, eggs, margarine/butter, baking soda, milk/or just water, sometime yeast as its ingredients. The difference is, martabak is much larger in size and has more topping. We can add cheese, ground peanuts, chocolate sprinkles, durian, sweet corn, banana, etc.

There are so many martabak vendor near my home sweet home in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. They make and sell martabak in a special cart. We would never find a martabak cart at day light. Somehow, martabak is only sold at night. So Whenever i crave for a delicious martabak, i could just simply buy it. We could order the size that we want, and the topping that we like. And of course one of the fun part that i really enjoy is watching the “martabak guy” make the martabak :)
But now the problem is, i live far away from Indonesia most of the time. Sometimes i really craved for martabak and the martabak vendor is no where to be found! I looked into my kitchen. I have a set of Happycall (Korean double pan), halal yeast, baking powder and butter. Perfect! I should just try to make one :)
So here is the recipe that i got from internet with some modifications. (I don’t have a kitchen scale so just converted the weight needed to “tablespoon” and “teaspoon”)
23-24 tablespoons of flour
2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
1 teaspoon of instant yeast (some recipes don’t use yeast)
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 spoon of salt
2 large eggs
320-350 ml of milk (some recipe replace the milk with water or coconut oil, maybe i’ll try some other time)
Butter, sweet condensed milk, and cheese for topping (you can always any other topping that you like)
Whisk together the flour, sugar, and baking powder, and yeast in a mixing bowl
Warm up the milk in microwave or you could just warm it up in a pan. Make sure that the milk is not too hot, just warm enough to activate the yeast.
Slowly pour the milk into the mix of flour, sugar, baking powder and yeast.
Add salt
Beat the eggs using wire whisk or just use the fork if you don’t have wire whisk, then pour and mix it with the batter until well combined.
Cover the mixing bowl with a damp cloth, and leave it for about 30 minutes.
Grease the Happycall/pan with butter/margarine, then heat it with very low heat. Pour the batter into the Happycall/pan (I use Happycall because i don’t have martabak pan or any round pan+suitable lid). Do not pour all the batter, just until the batter is 1 cm-max in depth. If it’s to thick, baking time will be longer and the bottom of the martabak will be overcooked or burned. Leave the lit opened. When you see many hole appear on top of it, sprinkle some sugar on top of the martabak and put on the lid for a few seconds.
Remove the pan from heat, transfer the martabak into a cutting board. Spread margarine/butter on top of the hot martabak, spread the grated cheese and sweet condensed milk.
Fold the martabak at the center, or you can cut it at the center before folding it. You can grease the outer part skin with margarine/butter if you like. Then cut the marbatak into some pieces (8-12 pieces) and serve it warm.

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